Icons: Battle Arena Revealed at EVO 2017


Brawl, which is created to improve gameplay and make it more closely resemble Super Smash Bros.

The grassroots-driven game studio, which received $6 million dollars in corporate funding earlier this year, revealed a teaser announcement for their long-awaited platform fighting game now known as Icons: Combat Arena.

You might have heard of developer Wavedash Games from its work on the Project M mod for Super Smash Bros.

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Wavedash are listening to the communities feedback, which as of now is highly critical of its identical gameplay style to Smash as well as mass disapproval with the game's audio and visuals, and the team will be tweaking the game to accommodate this feedback. Melee is the most popular Smash game in the US but the Japanese community favors Smash Wii U. But if you stuck around the Smash Bros. games for their fighting gameplay and liked what was done with Project M, you'll want to check out what Wavedash has in store with their new full game. Because Icons is a commercial project and not a fan tribute, it contains no Smash Bros. assets or Nintendo branding. While the game doesn't quite yet have a grassroots presence, or its own solo tournaments, this will be its debut as a full-fledged event at a multi-title major like Evo. As of now, many are attributing its reveal trailer to that of a Chinese Rip-Off of Smash.

As of now, reception for Icons: Combat Arena is mixed to say the least.

Sign-ups for the open beta are now open on the Icons website, with the incentive of an exclusive in-game skin for players that opt in.