Hebron Shooter Elor Azaria Released to House Arrest


Attorney Yoram Sehftel with the appeal of Elor Azaria's sentence. However the court ordered him into full house arrest with the only exception allowing him to leave the house to attend Sabbath prayer services with his parents. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison and a demotion to private.

The IDF Appeals Court is expected to make a final decision on Azaria's appeal in the coming weeks after a June 1 meeting between IDF chief prosecutor Col. Sharon Zigagi and Sheftela to reach some kind of deal bore no fruit.

A military court is also due to hear Azaria's appeal against his conviction on July 30.

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In May, Sheftel and lead IDF prosecutor for the case Lt. -Col. He will remain there except for trips to the synagogue, accompanied by a family member, on Friday night and Shabbat day. The military said today he would be placed under house arrest later this week.

This time will not count toward his 18-month sentence, but nine days he spent in jail immediately after the killing will be deducted from his prison term, judges ruled earlier this year. Next to him stands Charlie Azaria, Elor's father.

Azaria claimed that he suspected al-Sharif was about to detonate an explosive device, but Military Police opened an investigation against him on a charge of murder, which was later reduced to manslaughter. The case divided Israel, where military service is compulsory. Weissman initially refused, but eventually acquiesced. It is now assumed that the prosecution will acquiesce to his being sent home for house arrest for the time being.