Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in new Blade Runner 2049 trailer


We were being hunted!' he explained.

"Every leap of civilisation was built off the back of slaves", Leto's character explains. It does offer more tantalizing glimpses of the future, as well as a few images that defy explanation.

The two-and-a-half-minute, action-packed clip boasts shootouts, explosions, fight scenes, and auto chases.

Bautista, who describes himself to ABC Radio as a "big muscle-head on the outside, all geek on the inside", tells us it was "surreal" to work with Harrison Ford on the movie.

The first half of the fast-paced clip follows the Nice Guys actor as he tries to track down the Indiana Jones icon.

After checking out this footage, it's a bit more clear how all the characters relate to one another, and why Deckard has been in hiding out in the orange dust farm.

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"He right off the bat said he didn't think I was right for the role", he laughed. "So I kinda won him over!"

'You police, planning on taking me out?' the bodybuilder questions. Robin Wright seems to be on the side of the humans.

"That's not possible. If this gets out, we've bought ourselves a war", she says, then adds at another point in the trailer, "This breaks the world".

Complete with that same killer futuristic-noir setting, and plenty of new, sinister faces, this movie looks like it's going to shatter all expectations and rocket straight to the top! Director Denis Villeneuve has expressed his excitement at being able to head the project but also noted the pressure that comes with living up to Ridley Scott's ground-breaking original.

But before we hear Deckard's story, he and K are rudely interrupted by Neander Wallace's (Jared Leto) forces, in particular a replicant that Wallace has nurtured specifically to find the pair.