Ed Sheeran Makes Cameo in 'Game of Thrones' Premiere


Unless you happened to be in exile in Braavos, chances are you heard that a moderately famous singer-songwriter by the name of Ed Sheeran would be gracing TV screens during the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

The trailer for Episode 2 of Season 7, "Stormborn", shows a direwolf barking followed by a quick cut to Ayra's astonished face (watch it at the 0:13 second mark below).

Even if you're not a fan of the show, the excitement was all over social media Sunday night.

Meanwhile, all the excitement surrounding the new season of the show created big problems for cable channel HBO's website bosses as fans overloaded the HBO Now site during the East Coast U.S. premiere while attempting to stream the drama. She asked the so-far unseen group what the "pretty song" was and the camera panned to Sheeran, who smiled and said: "A new one". Although the premiere didn't feature any major plot twists, it did include a surprise appearance by award winning artist Ed Sheeran.

Those lyrics, by the way, include "for hands of gold are always cold but a woman's hands are warm".

The hit show's latest celebrity cameo arrived during last night's episode, with Ed Sheeran appearing in a brief scene with Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark.

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Last month, Sheeran had spoken about his famed cameo on the fantasy-saga Game of Thrones. Honestly though, the kid who made the wine *totally* carried this scene so I'd feel fleeting sympathy if they did.

And he admitted he was anxious his cameo had been "built up too much".

"People will just be like, 'Oh. oh, all right, '" he said. "I'm just like, in it".

While fans overseas, including David Beckham, applauded the singer's acting skills, Aussie viewers were far less complimentary - taking to Twitter and Facebook to weigh in.

"Past seasons have featured sly cameos from musicians including Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody, Coldplay's Will Champion and Sigur Ros", reported Billboard.com.