Car Launches into Roof of St. Louis Home


The auto apparently "came off one of the roadways at a high rate of speed and launched into the roof", according to a firefighter.

Redding was at the gym when it happened.

Jones called Redding to ensure he was OK, then told him to hurry home.

Authorities arrived at the house about 12:40 find the SUV on the roof and the driver trapped in the SUV.

The front yard of the house was a steep grassy slope.

The driver is in critical condition in hospital after suffering lower body injuries in the freak incident on Sunday, St Louis Fire Department said in statement. Louis responded to reports of a vehicle on the roof of an "unoccupied dwelling" on Sunday. "This is everything that I've worked for all my life".

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"He had to be going 70 miles per hour at least", he told KMOX News. He never took his foot off the gas.

"Everybody up and down here has had their yards redone", he said, adding that numerous parked cars on the street are frequently hit by speeding cars.

Redding, 66, recently retired after 22 years at Norwood Hills Country Club, where he was restaurant and bar manager, according to the Post-Dispatch.

"I can see straight through my house", Redding told the newspaper.

Terrell Jones, who lives next door to Redding, said a vehicle slammed into the side of his house after the driver failed to stop.