Atari's New Console Unveiled, Crowdfunding Likely


There is an indicator light as well that glows through these materials. But we do know what the hardware will look like.

The Ataribox was initially teased back in June as a "new Atari console."

The email also confirmed the Ataribox will pack an array of modern ports, including a HDMI, four USBs, and an SD card slot, but stopped short of revealing any tangible tech specs. The new console from Atari was announced at the E3 2017.

It's said that the Ataribox will also be capable of playing "current gaming content" according to the company. A company that has managed to successfully breathe life into Atari's ashes through a profitable market in mobile games. A model with a classic wood-fronted design, and a sleeker, but still retro-chic, red and black edition.

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The company is set to release two different versions of the new console. Now it turns out that the video showed a camera roving over what looks like one of the two Ataribox models that will be released.

Atari says the lack of details is not a situation where the firm is teasing people intentionally, rather they are working slowly and going step-by-step in order to get things right.

The Ataribox has a distinctive retro look inspired by the company's own Atari 2600, which first came out in 1977. Around the back, you'll find a selection of modern ports. Atari ensured that there will be more details coming up slowly after gathering feedback from the gamers as they will develop this console that would be possibly applied in the console development. We don't have details on price, release date, or specs yet, but it sounds like it will be more than just a NES Classic for the Atari.