Apple's New Emoji Previews Are Here and They're Specific


These new emojis will be coming to our iPhones, iPads and other Apple products sometime in 2017. The new people emoji we'll be receiving include the creatively named "Bearded Person", "Woman with Headscarf", and "Breastfeeding". In terms of expressions, the vomit emoji is making a comeback, along with a "mind blown" emoji and a "star struck" character too.

It's not clear when the new emoji will hit iOS, macOS and watchOS, but it's expected they could arrive in the fall with the new iPhone.

The standards for all emojis is set by the Unicode Consortium, which dictates the characters available for computer programing.

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If you are writing a message today (17 July) that contains emojis, congratulations, you are celebrating World Emoji Day. The emojis include a genie, sandwich, t-rex and elf.

Apple didn't indicate when iOS and Mac users might be able to deploy the new emojis, but iOS 11 is due out in September. Though only a handful of emoji are being previewed here, there seems to be a lot of diversity among them.

Facebook also celebrated World Emoji Day and revealed the most used emoji on the platform is the laughing with tears emoji.