Andy Rubin's Essential phone coming to United Kingdom, likely as a network exclusive


As soon as we get some more details on exactly when the new Essential Phone is coming to the United Kingdom and also details on when it will be available in the USA, we will let you guys know.

Brian Wallace joined Essential in December to head up marketing.

That's according to the Financial Times, which reports that Essential is in talks with United Kingdom carriers, namely EE, about a potential exclusivity deal.

Andy Fouché, an advisor who also worked as Essential's head of communications, left the company last month, according to Business Insider. Earlier this year, the company debuted the Essential Phone, a flagship $700 smartphone with premium-tailored design (the body features a mix of ceramic and titanium) that aims to go head to head with competitors like Apple and Samsung.

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The Essential Phone may have missed its June release window in the United States, but the Essential team is reportedly pushing on with plans to expand the ambitious flagship's availability to the UK, Europe and Japan regardless.

Unveiled back in May, the modestly-named Essential Phone packs a 5.7in edge-to-edge QHD display that reaches the very top of the handset to surround the 8MP front-facing camera. Essential has reportedly held talks with United Kingdom networks last week to decide on a launch date and a potential exclusive deal.

Essential's chief operating officer Niccolo de Masi told the publication that a U.S. release for the anticipated device is "imminent", while once again confirming that the Android-powered smartphone will be sold with no pre-loaded applications with "trend setters and technology seekers" meant to be the company's target market. Essential also announced plans to launch Home, a voice-controlled speaker-like device for smart home devices. While it is not uncommon for high-level employees to move on and change positions, Wallace's departure comes at a time when the firm has yet to ship its first product.