Wow! Surgeon finds 27 contact lenses in woman's eye


In a freakish medical case, a British woman somehow had more than two dozen contact lenses in one eye but didn't realize it.

Details of the case, which occurred in November past year at Solihull Hospital, West Midlands, were recently outlined in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

When Rupal Morjaria began to perform cataract surgery on a 67-year-old patient, she was struck by the "blueish mass" that she discovered in the patient's eye.

The doctor says the case highlights how important it is to monitor people with contact lenses.

She told Optometry Today: "It was such a large mass".

Prior to her complaints ahead of the planned cataract surgery, the patient did not have any known symptoms associated with the contact lenses.

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Dr. Morjaria said it was like nothing she had ever seen before.

In an article in the journal, doctors said the patient had worn monthly disposable lenses for 35 years. Part of their surprise, she said, was because the patient hadn't complained of any irritation. Instead, she had put down her discomfort to dry eyes and ageing, Morjaria said. Clinicians that were involved couldn't believe that the women had so many lenses lost in her eyes.

Due to the unexpected discovery of the lenses, the woman's cataract surgery was postponed, as doctors wanted to avoid the risk of endophthalmitis.

Morjaria said she hopes the episode, which occurred last winter, raises awareness for patients who wear contacts but might go long periods without getting an eye exam - perhaps because they order them online rather than in person. Contact lenses have also been reported to be the reason behind infections and sometimes the cause behind people losing their eyesight.

"She was quite shocked", specialist trainee ophthalmologist Rupal Morjaria tells Britain's Optometry Today. Amazing. Please take out your contact lenses.

Luckily for the woman, she appears to have been relatively unharmed by the contact lenses and says her eyes feel a lot better now they are out.