Vogue apologises over Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid 'gender fluidity' comments


Vogue Magazine published its August cover Thursday - featuring singer Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid - that sparked outrage over misrepresentation of gender nonconformity.

While the popular fashion magazine sets the trends for celebrities and commoners alike, many social media users and news outlets pointed out it missed the mark in its latest cover story. A few Twitter handles also brought to Vogue's notice that there are actually real life gender fluid people who are famous and can be featured on the cover.

In the couple's joint cover story, Hadid and Malik share that they are flexible when it comes to fashion and have no problem dipping into the other's closet. "Wearing your gf's T-shirt does not make you gender fluid".

As a result, Vogue issued an apology.

"The story was meant to highlight the impact the gender-fluid, non-binary communities have had on fashion and culture", the statement read. We are very sorry the story did not correctly reflect the spirit - we missed the mark.

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"We do look forward to continuing the conversation with greater sensitivity", the magazine continued. Hadid said in the article, Entertainment Tonight reported. See some of the best reactions to Vogue's cover story below. "I feel like I have a new, kind of, infatuation with a different one every week", she says. Vogue is talking about gender fluidity with a hetero couple that borrows each other's t-shirts: "LOL". It doesn't matter if it was made for a girl.' Hadid nods vigorously.

Gigi Hadid shared some fun tidbits about herself and her famous squad while participating in Vogue magazine's "73 Questions" web series.

Erm, wearing your boyfriend's boxers that one time doesn't quite make you gender-fluid, Vogue.

According to Merriam Webster, the term "gender fluid" refers to an individual "whose gender identity is not fixed".