OJ Simpson's Parole Hearing Is Coming To A TV Near You


The Nevada parole board will meet next week to decide whether or not O.J. Simpson should be released when eligible on October 1.

Despite the notoriety that came from the murder trial, as well as being the 1968 Heisman Trophy victor and Hall of Fame running back for the Bills, two former chairs of the Nevada parole board told NBC News Simpson will be treated simply as "Inmate #1027820". Galanter, who represented Simpson during the 2008 trial when he got hit for nine years minimum and 33 years maximum for a dubious but dumb-AF kidnapping charge.

Of course, Simpson is no stranger to cameras in the courtroom. Simpson stood trial in 1995 for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, but was surprisingly acquitted in one of the most-watched trials in US history.

The episode sees correspondent Deborah Roberts talking to one of the fallen football legend's accomplices Michael McClinton at the Las Vegas hotel where they carried out an armed robbery against memorabilia dealers. In a statement published on its website, the parole board said all commissioners use the same risk assessment and guidelines, adding, "There is no evidence that the board is aware of that indicates that one location has panel members who are more conservative or liberal than the other location".

The hearing will be streamed from Lovelock Correction Center, where Simpson has been since 2008.

But the board will not take that into consideration since a jury acquitted Simpson of those charges in 1995 in what has been called "The Trial of the Century".

Simpson was convicted after breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room on September 13, 2007, with the help of several other men and stealing sports memorabilia he claimed belonged to him.

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But given the notoriety of the Simpson trial and O.J. Simpson, a black man who went unpunished for killing a white woman, can the decision be "non personal"?

The parole board has said it will issue a decision Thursday so to minimize the media circus that will surely follow its decree.

Simpson will join the members from his prison via video conference. In either case, a decision is expected on the day of the hearing.

Four members of the six-person parole board will be in the hearing room in Carson City. In the rare case of a three-three tie, parole would be denied for six months and a new hearing would be held next January.

Former Chairman Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners Thomas Patton said that the board's current options were to "grant release on parole, deny parole at this time and reconsider O.J. for parole at a later date, or deny parole and require O.J.to serve the remainder of his final sentence".

"In terms of what he does with the rest of his life, " Galanter said, "if he was sitting next to me I'd say, 'Listen, be thankful you got out in nine years".