Netanyahu and Macron commemorate Vel' d'Hiv round up


French anti-Israel activists have called for demonstrations during Netanyahu's visit and for their supporters to demand that France's President Emmanuel Macron rescind the invitation to the Israeli leader.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined French President Emmanuel Macron in a commemorating ceremony in Paris for the victims of a mass arrest of French Jews in 1942.

He warned that continued Israeli settlement construction could threaten such negotiations and eventual peace prospects.

Mr. Macron dismissed those who claim that the collaborationist Vichy regime did not represent the French state.

In 1995, former French president Jacques Chirac formally apologized for the "irreparable act" carried out by the collaboration of "French police agents and gendarmes, acting under the authority of their leaders", in the roundup. He said this is "convenient, but it is false" as an interpretation of history. "We can not build pride upon a lie", he said.

They were among roughly 76,000 Jews that were deported from France to Nazi camps in the course of the war.

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The ceremony and Netanyahu's visit comes just days after after renewed tensions in Jerusalem following an attack in which two Israeli policemen were killed.

"I call for a resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians in the framework of the search for a solution of two states, Israel and Palestine, living in recognized, secure borders with Jerusalem as the capital", Macron told reporters.

Macron condemned Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism in France today, saying that it has taken a new shape, and that anti-Zionist and anti-Israel expressions should be opposed.

After Sunday's ceremony, he held talks with Mr. Macron, where commentators say he will be probing his French counterpart's intentions towards the Middle East peace process. "We must stand against them together".

The French leader also declared that Holocaust denial must be fought against and each generation must be worthy of the "examples of the Holocaust survivors".

The Union of French Jews for Peace, a pro-Palestinian organisation, described the decision to invite Mr Netanyahu as "shocking" and "unacceptable".