Legendary Actor Martin Landau Has Passed Away At The Age Of 89


Burton said Landau's interpretation was pivotal to the film, which centers on the friendship between Lugosi and the title character, played by Johnny Depp. But he didn't see a future in that line of work.

"And I just said to myself, 'One day I'm going to get up to bat and I'm gonna hit a home run.' It's as simple as that".

"I think if they don't like what I'm doing, they'll say something", he told the Los Angeles Times.

The school employed the Method philosophy, which calls on a performer to draw from his own, often painful, memories to illuminate a character. "Obviously, if you can do that part I saw you do in the theater, you can do this little trinket". Martin Landau, in short, was everything. Instead, however, he was stuck in roles as sinister heavies.

His filmography also includes Crimes and Misdemeanors, Space: 1999, Cleopatra, The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Hallelujah Trail, and Nevada Smith. Landau won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

The actor was heralded for his performance as Rollin Hand in the "Mission Impossible" TV series.

Landau had been doing television work since the 1950s but got busy in TV in the mid-1960s, with several guest appearances on "The Outer Limits" and "The Man From U.N.C.L.E". His publicist Dick Guttman confirmed the death, saying: "We are overcome with sadness".

Actor Martin Landau has died at the age of 89, The Hollywood Reporter announces.

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Landau and Bain had two daughters, Susan and Juliet.

Though he worked consistently, his movie career didn't kick into high gear again until he was 60.

With a career spanning six decades and industry accolades including an Academy Award and a trio of Golden Globes behind him, Hollywood veteran actor Martin Landau passed away on Saturday at the age of 89. The role of a seemingly decent, venerable man harboring a dark secret became a Landau specialty.

The silver screen star was always one to look on the upside and bring the struggles of daily life into his performances.

He received the 1995 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for portraying Dracula star Bela Lugosi in "Ed Wood" (1994).

In 1955, he auditioned for Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio (choosing a scene from Clifford Odets' Clash by Night against the advice of friends), and he and Steve McQueen were the only new students accepted that year out of the 2,000-plus aspirants who had applied.

After quitting Mission: Impossible in 1969, Landau was replaced by Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy.