Kirk Cousins, Redskins unlikely to strike deal


Cousins ultimately put that to rest with his strong play, though it hasn't been enough for Washington and Cousins to be on the same page on long-term contract talks. Again, this should come with little shock to most fans.

There has been little movement in the ongoing contract saga between Washington and franchise-tagged quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Florio said if there is no long term deal after this season, Cousins could make $28.7 million under a transition tag or $37.4 million under a franchise tag. To avoid that, the Washington Redskins have until Monday afternoon to hammer out a long-term deal with Cousins. Cousins threw for over 9,000 yards with 54 touchdowns versus 23 interceptions.

The possibility of the Redskins opting to franchise Cousins in 2018 does seem like a very realistic option, though, as reported that team president Bruce Allen certainly wouldn't rule out doing so in order to keep Cousins. Whatever, the case, though, Washington not getting a deal done before Monday opens the door for the Niners if they wan to walk through it. Under that scenario, Cousins would be unable to negotiate with any other teams. The Redskins are reportedly embroiled in an internal battle about just how much Cousins is worth.

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It also landed him on the NFC Pro Bowl team. It's good news that Cousins is open to negotiations after the 2017 National Football League season takes place, but the situation hasn't changed between his agent and the front office in Washington. He's going to get multiple offers from teams desperate for quarterbacks, perhaps including the San Francisco 49ers, who have Kyle Shanahan at head coach.

The 49ers' quarterback of the future literally won't be a 49er until the future, though the clock on that is about to really start ticking.

If Shanahan believes it's Cousins, then they have to trust him.