HTC grovels after serving up keyboard ads to some users


The company said that it won't be showing ads on TouchPal, the keyboard app, anymore and also said that the ads were showing in the keyboard app "due to error". The manufacturer recently told HTC U11 owners to uninstall recent updates to the TouchPal keyboard.

The uproar started when the free version of TouchPal, which comes as the default on the HTC 10, started to show adverts. While some users swear by the keyboard's features that make it easier to type correctly using onscreen keyboards, now most users will swear at it for those ads.

Both companies are to be blamed in this case. I think it's safe to assume HTC didn't know TouchPal would pull this stunt at a later date but then that's the risk you take by including a third party app.

In response to the complaints, the official HTC Twitter account is asking users to uninstall the new updates to the keyboard. On the other hand, it does means that users will have to remain stuck on that older version of the keyboard, which could also leave them open to experiencing bugs that may be fixed in future versions.

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Other phone makers, including HTC, pre-install a third party keyboard such as Swiftkey or TouchPal. However, the one place that you do not expect to ever see ads on is on your phone's default software. Not to mention the potential privacy issues such ads might raise.

According to a couple of reddit posts, users were already seeing ads on their HTC 10 phones when they started using the keyboard.

For its part, HTC has responded to widespread anger with the promise of a "fix" coming soon, as "this is absolutely not the experience we intended".

In a statement to Gadgets 360, one HTC spokesperson said, "Due to an error, some HTC customers have reported seeing ads on their phone's keyboard". Hopefully this is the first and last time such an unintentional misstep happens.