Fact check: No, flatulence did not force emergency landing at RDU


A passenger caused a stink aboard an American Airlines jet, forcing an unplanned landing at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

In January past year, one flier felt compelled to pass the flight attendant a note suggesting they make a tannoy announcement enquiring into the health of a fellow traveller because of the noxious fumes being emitted from their person.

Reports Sunday that a passenger "passed gas" and forced a plane to be evacuated at Raleigh-Durham International Airport are untrue, according to American Airlines.

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The resulting smell was so noxious that fellow passengers became ill and were rushed off the flight, according the RDU employee, who spoke with CBS South Carolina. The plane landed at the airport due to a "medical call".

"We did take an aircraft out of service for a mechanical issue, an odor in the cabin.No "passed gas" issue".

Person "passes gas" on an American Airlines plane, . In a statement, an official said that a plane at RDU had been taken out of service due to a bad odour but denied that this was a effect of "passed gas". WNCN reported that the flight is not being identified yet nor from where it was or was its destination.