Facebook Messenger soon to be crowded with adverts in its 'Home' tab


"Facebook was in Cannes to sell and educate ad buyers on Messenger ads just last month", The Economic Times quote ReCode to have reported.

The demand for advertisements from advertisers is more on Facebook and Twitter as the world is highly populated by ad-blocking through browsers.

Facebook says its revenue growth will slow down "meaningfully" this year as a result.

Facebook announced that this change will fully launch before the end of 2017 first on a very restricted level with few ads but later a whole wide range of options will be enabled gradually. It's even paying video publishers to make TV shows for Facebook, a chance for more video ad inventory.

Monetizing policy is being more focused at Facebook and lately it is learned the Facebook Messenger app to get advertisement too.

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According to Fox Business, the new project by Facebook was tested out in Australia and Thailand and it looks like they will try and add this feature across the board with Instagram and WhatsApp also.

It started testing ads in Marketplace, its Craigslist-style shopping section for buying or selling used goods, yesterday. One such recent experiment saw the arrival of a new version of the timeline for some users via a rocket icon in the Facebook app.

Facebook describes what is then displayed as "top posts for you from across Facebook".

"We are starting a small test that shows ads to a small percentage of people using Marketplace in the USA and will evaluate the response before determining how we move forward", Michelle Bonner Techel, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook, said in a statement per Recode. Piper Jaffray believes Instagram did $2 billion in revenue in 2016, and that its revenue will grow to $22 billion by 2021. But it would be better to have two.