Canada's Trudeau reveals his summer playlist


According to a report in CBC News, on meeting the prime minister baby Trudeau's mother said, "It was actually very good, it was awesome".

Two-month-old Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal was pictured gently clasping the thumb of the Canadian prime minister, who hugged the baby to his chest.

The prime minister Justin Trudeau is that he also fell in love Despacito, THE song of the summer in which the canadian artist Justin Bieber pushes the note! The family left Syria about six years ago and settled in Canada in February 2016.

The family said naming their son Justin-Trudeau was their way of thanking the Prime Minister. He was born on May 4.

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Muhammad and Afraa Bilal arrived in Canada in February past year with their two young children after escaping war-torn Syria, reported NDTV.

"It was actually very good, it was unbelievable". More than 40,00 refugees have settled in Canada since then, The Guardian report said.

Ms Hammoud told CBC it was an wonderful experience to meet the man who inspired their son's name and who made their new life possible. Ahmed Doso, a Syrian father in Red Deer, Alta has also named his son after the PM. Some even criticised the government for not doing much for refugees.

The country had increased funding for language training for the refugees across the country, Canada's minister for immigration, refugees and citizenship John McCallum said previous year.