Wimbledon 2017: Male fan enters court on invitation, wears white skirt; watch


Of course, if you want to be a professional tennis player, you have to dress like a professional tennis player and Clijsters felt it was only right that he wore the appropriate attire. "Why don't you go there?"

The game Martínez then went to the crowd to hand Quinn her racket.

The fun was only beginning.

Warming to Clijsters' good-humoured ploy, opponents Conchita Martine and Andrea Jaeger welcomed the man - Chris Quinn, a father-of-three from Ireland - to join their team, drawing cheers from the crowd. "Kim, this isn't going to work!" said BBC commentator Tim Henman.

Once the laughter settled, play resumed and Clijsters and Stubbs won the match 6-2, 7-5.

"Oh my goodness. I really hope we don't have a camera shot from behind", said Henman.


Tennis star Kim Clijsters certainly doesn't need suggestions from the Wimbledon stands.

"That's a man, in skirt, trying to return a Kim Clijsters' serve".

The video will have you in stitches - just like the players were.

But for Chris Quinn, the enthusiastic captain of Greystones Tennis Club in Co Wicklow, his moment of glory on the hallowed courts of London SW19 is one to cherish.

Mr Quinn was slightly larger in body size than Ms Clijsters, but without skipping a beat, the dad managed to pull up the bright white garment and was also given a white top.

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