Watch an Emirates flight attendant pour Champagne dregs back into the bottle


Emirates Airlines is famous for luxurious flights that feature Jennifer Aniston taking a shower aboard a flight, or famous YouTuber Casey Neistat enjoying his $21,000 first class seat aboard an Emirates plane, as reported by the Inquisitr. Some social media users noted that the Emirates flight attendant may have simply poured too much champagne from a fresh bottle into a glass that had not been used yet and was just adjusting how much she'd poured into the glass.

Evgeny Kayumov was on an Emirates flight when he accidentally caught an airline steward pouring champagne from a glass back into a bottle on camera. Mr Kaymov posted the video on his Instagram account with the caption. "Is that normal practice Emirates?"

Other commenters pointed out that the stewardess may not have been reusing it or saving it for herself as the beverage would soon lose its fizz.

Kayumov initially wrote in Russian in the description of his video asking Emirates directly why the flight attendant did not pour out the champagne that had not been consumed. "It's carbonated. You literally can not reuse it, it will be flat".

Some Reddit users branded the act "disgusting" but others thought there might be a reasonable explanation. "Until airlines can adequately stock their planes, flight attendants will always look for ways to conserve popular items that often run out to avoid making excuses about why they are out".

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He disagreed with the Reddit commenter, saying that there was no reason he could think of which would prevent her from pouring the liquid away normally.

There is a slight (like 0.1%) chance the flight attendants will take this with them, depending on the Emirates policy (which I'm 99% certain would prohibit this), but otherwise this bottle is being disposed of and no passengers are drinking this.

Actions recorded on this video do not comply with our quality standards.

According to the Daily Mail, a spokesperson for the airline told Moskva City News that "actions recorded on this video do not comply with our quality standards".