USA tries to impose on United Nations harsh sanctions resolution, North Korea says


Last week U.S. President Donald Trump denounced China's trade with North Korea, saying it had grown nearly 40 percent in the first quarter, and cast doubt on whether Beijing was helping to counter the threat from North Korea.

North Korea put the region on a jittery edge recently after it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that some experts believe could reach the American states of Alaska and Hawaii.

North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un exports tens of thousands of his subjects to Russian Federation where they are put to work in slave-like conditions and have their wages garnished to fund his government, according to a Korean human rights group.

On July 3rd, North Korea announced it successfully conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile test. USA military officials are assessing all the facts, but it appears Pyongyang is significantly closer to developing a missile that could reach the continental United States. "However, it is inviting its ultimate doom by resorting to the sanctions and pressure campaign against the DPRK", it also said.

Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States need to coordinate a massive missile defense project aimed at ending North Korean assumptions that even one of its missiles has a chance to reach its intended target.

China's exports to North Korea increased by 29.1 percent in the same period, but Huang said that was mainly driven by traditional labor-intensive commodities such as textiles, which are outside the embargo lists.

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"A Republic of Korea Ministry of Defence White paper, traces the initiative for North Korean biological weapons development back to the 1980s".

Providing China with strong incentives to curb North Korea is a not a substitute for direct talks, which you favor. North Korea still won't abandon its nuclear weapons because it is a matter of survival for the government.China knows full well that North Korea's defense and security is not a bargaining chip, it is not up for sale.

As to his claim that a first strike would be suicide, does anyone think Kim Jong-un really cares?

These actions from Congress have had limited success in subduing North Korea. "We must take every diplomatic and economic measure now to stop North Korea and to prevent nuclear war". A probable solution could be to slap it with still more sanctions.

The complaints, made in unusually strident language, follow a phone conversation between President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump earlier this month in which the Chinese leader warned of "some negative factors" that were harming China-U.S. relations, indicating relations between the two countries had hit a rough patch after some initial optimism.

According to Pew Research, Filipinos are among the most concerned about North Korea's nuclear program, with 60 percent saying they were "very concerned" while another 27 percent of the respondents indicating they were "somewhat concerned". The Trump administration isn't taking military options off the table.