Things You Didn't See at Disney's D23 Animation Panel


Rounding out the Pixar presentation was some new footage from Coco and, more excitingly, our first glimpse at The Incredibles II.

It's been 13 long years since director Brad Bird and Pixar brought us the fabulous family of superheroes known as The Incredibles and fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever since.

Not only were all of the princesses busting me up, but each of them will be voiced by their original actress. Then he introduced a "new film to celebrate new heights of aviation" with a clip called "Speed Test". Incredible, Holly Hunter, who is Elastigirl, Sarah Vowel, who plays their daughter Violet, Huck Milner, who replaces Spencer Fox as Dash, and - getting a whole lot of cheers - Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Frozone. We saw a clip of Jack Jack fighting with a raccoon he thinks is a thief, which was pretty amusing. Incredible was the main focus of the film, where the events of the movie were arguably driven by his broken relationship with super villain Syndrome and his midlife crisis about the doldrums of non-superhero life, which ultimately pulled his family into the story. Fear not, the characters still look exactly as you remember them, there's just a little more fine detail (and better hair). Jack Jack accidentally teleports through the wall and the raccoon runs at him, forcing Jack to use his powers.

The pavilion also features an area for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War but most of the items are now under wraps, waiting to be uncovered following announcements on Saturday morning's highly-anticipated Walt Disney Studios Live Action Films presentation in Hall D23.

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"Well you know it's different being in a studio and being on set and looking at people that are bigger than you and have super powers". But Lasseter announced that he'll be stepping down as director of the film and has given his co-director, Josh Cooley, full directing credit. Based on Scanlon's own childhood dream to connect with a father who died before they could make any memories together, this new Pixar film promises all the imagination and emotional gut punches we've come to expect.

Incredibles 2 releases on June 15th, 2018.

A mockumentary clip was also shown regarding fan favorite, stylist Edna Mode.