Get a Shiny Tapu Koko in Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon now


Rare shiny Tapu Koko Pokemon is now available for players in Pokemon Sun And Moon via internet.

The moves Tapu Koko will know are Nature's Madness, Discharge, Agility and Electro Ball.

Unlike the standard yellow-and-orange Tapu Koko, the shiny coloration is a suave black and orange.

The Electric Seed which Shiny Tapu Koko carries also boosts its defense in electric terrain which this free Pokemon creates whenever it enters battle. Tapu Koko will come equipped with a full move set and even an item. If Tapu Koko is holding Tapunium Z, the Nature's Madness move will convert into the Guardian of Alola attack, which chips off a mighty 75% of the opponent's HP.

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Holing the Electrium Z will unlock the Gigavolt Havoc attack, dealing 160 base damage to other Pokemon Sun and Moon creatures.

Charge up your 3DS, turn it on and make sure you can connect to the interwebs. After the gift has been received by your game, you will need to go back to the main menu and select "Continue".

Then select "Get via Internet".

When your cardigan is completed, select 'Power up with Shiny Tapu Koko!' You'll also receive a Wonder Card that can be found in the "Mystery Gift" menu. After that, a deliveryman holding the Tapu Koko will appear inside all of the game's Pokémon Centers, so players can pick it up at any time they want. Buyers will get a hard copy of both titles in a special Steelbook case, along with download codes for 50 options in every game.