French military band performs incredible Daft Punk medley for Trump and Macron


Because today during his trip to France to celebrate Bastille Day, Donald Trump took in the sights and sounds of 1997's hottest French house act: Daft Punk.

USA president Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron have been regaled with a brass band medley of Daft Punk songs. Closing out the visit, the French military band performed a fitting (and seriously sick) medley of Daft Punk tunes. And we've got to say, they did a pretty great job with songs like "Get Lucky" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".

There's a lot of stuff President Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand: equality, the news, foreign policy, common decency, and hair brushing to name but a few.

Watch Trump watch a Daft Punk medley below. Trump's probably a purist and prefers the more electronics studio version, or perhaps the live performance from Alive 2007.

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Well, now we can add electronic music to the seemingly endless list of things that Trump has no knowledge of.

President Trump on the other hand sat expressionless with a stern look on his face.

Or perhaps he's just bored silly.