France Remembers the Nice Attack: 'We Will Never Find the Words'


As a tribute to the 86 people who died in the Islamic terror attacks on the Bastille Day celebration in Nice past year, one band spelled out "NICE" in front of Presidents Trump and Macron.

The magazine's executive director, Olivier Royant, had said he would defend "tooth and nail" what he said was "the right of citizens, first among them the victims, to know exactly what happened" on the day of the fatal attack.

Eric Morain, the lawyer for the victims of terror attacks said the images were "an attack on the dignity of both the victims and their families".

A judge is to rule on the request at 2pm French time.

Victims' organizations denounced the photos as the Riviera city of Nice prepares for the Bastille Day fete and commemoration of those killed July 14, 2016, when a 19-ton truck barreled into celebrating crowds.

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A French court denied a bid by a Paris prosecutor who called for Paris Match magazine to be removed from sale on newsstands.

An investigation is also underway over breach of confidentiality which will try to determine how Paris Match was able to get hold of the images.

According to the interior ministry, more than 130,000 security and emergency service workers have been deployed during this year's Bastille Day celebrations.

Emmanuel Macron has spoken at the ceremony paying tribute to the victims.

France has been under a state of emergency since the aftermath of the November 2015 terrorist attacks across Paris which left over 100 people dead.