Actor Dileep denied bail, Kerala court extends custody


The court has denied Dileep bail because it was convinced that releasing him from police custody might lead to witnesses and even the victim getting influenced. Dileep is now likely to approach the Kerala High Court for bail.

The police, who had questioned Dileep's manager Appunny and also actor-turned-director Nadirshah, along with Dileep for 13 hours earlier in July, are waiting for Appunny to turn up. He waved at the people before boarding the police van. The defence lawyer argued that the police were seeking extension of custody to find an approver, as they failed to find any evidence against the actor.

The police is also thinking about arresting Appunni when found.

Special prosecutor A Sureshan alleged that supporters of Dileep have launched a strong campaign through social media hailing the actor, who is a prime suspect in the case.

It would also adversely affect the ongoing probe into the conspiracy behind the sensational case, the prosecution said.

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Dileep's advocate claimed that the actor was being framed in the case.

From the court, he was driven back to the Aluva Police Club where he has been housed for the past two days. The Malayalam superstar will now remain in custody until July 25.

The actor was arrested on Monday for allegedly hiring a gang of goons to attack a fellow actress due to personal grudge.

Dileep was alleged with abduction and sexual assault of an actress with whom he had worked in many films.

Six persons, including "Pulsar" Suni, have been arrested in connection with the incident.