Sprint Tips New Flex, Deals Plans for Phone Upgrades


The changes come at a time when the USA wireless market is becoming increasingly competitive, and carriers are battling each other to lure customers through new deals. Customers who apply for and receive credit with Sprint, can take advantage of Sprint Flex on a postpaid plan: For entry-level devices, customers pay $5 per month with $25 down.

Here's how it works: Choose a new smartphone and start paying monthly with our lowest cost down today.

More than 10 million customers signed up for T-Mobile's original Jump! plan in its first two years and upgraded their smartphones about 30 percent faster than other customers, usually about every 14 months compared with the industry-average of almost 20 months, according to T-Mobile. Sprint says it's a new way for customers not to "get stuck with their old phone".

Sprint has been offering leases on its smartphones for awhile now, and so Sprint Flex is the next step in its evolution of offerings.

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Customers can also choose to keep their device after 18 months by paying any remaining balance on the phone in one payment or they can extend their lease and pay the balance off in six additional payments. With Flex Deals, you'll get a new smartphone for a down payment of $25 or more and monthly payment of either $5 or $15, depending on the device.

Announced today, Sprint Flex makes it possible for subscribers to quickly and easily pick up a new phone after 18 months of service. Customers of the iPhone Forever and Galaxy Forever programs do not pay $5 monthly fees to participate in those programs. All lease payments already made will count toward the purchase price.

Second, with Sprint Deals, customers have both flexibility and savings on a "value menu" of affordable smartphones - with or without a credit check.

Sprint has also entered into a two-month period of exclusive negotiations with Charter Communications Inc and Comcast Corp on a wireless deal that would allow the cable companies to use its network. Plus, for a limited time, the fifth line is free.