Justin Trudeau names female astronaut Julie Payette next Canadian governor general


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will name retired astronaut Julie Payette as the next governor general, the acting head of state and Queen Elizabeth's representative in Canada, media outlets reported on Wednesday.

Payette applied to the Canadian Space Agency in the late 1980s, and it's where she first met Kumar who was part of the interview panel. She is married to Lieutenant Colonel William Flynn, a former test pilot.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government's policies are starting to pay off for Canadians and he doesn't need to reset the agenda with a new speech from the throne this fall.

Trudeau said that Payette was "unquestionably qualified" for the role.

She served for seven years as Canada's chief astronaut and retired from the space agency in 2013.

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Payette said she was still thinking about how she'll handle the role.

"Seen from outerspace, Canada is huge, made up of mountains, lakes, forests of breathtaking beauty", Payette said, adding, "The fact remains that we see no borders from space". "I think she'll make a great governor general", he said. "I expected a lot of her in the early days, and I expect a lot from her now".

Premier-designate and Juan de Fuca MLA John Horgan called Payette's appointment an "exemplary choice".

During his tenure as Governor General, Johnston focused on education, philanthropy and innovation, and also making awards like the Order of Canada more accessible to Canadians.

But her appointment could also make Canadians question the need to tie the Governor General to Royal Family, said Philippe Lagasse, an associate professor of global affairs at Carleton University.