Gallery-Goer Loses Balance, Knocks Over So Many Pedestals Of Art


She lined up a photo at The 14th Factory, a Los Angeles art museum, and accidentally tipped over a row of pedestals that held various artworks.

The 14th Factory, which is run by Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch, has been one of L.A.'s hottest tickets since it opened in March. Three of the sculptures are now permanently damaged, according to a spokeswoman. Some of the featured artists had exhibiting careers of 20 years, Fox News reported. "The truth is, the event did happen and it was caught on our security camera". The exhibit, titled "Hypercaine", features "a series of crowns created with different mediums". When she crouches down, she suddenly knocks one over and causes a domino effect. "There's modern symbolism there somewhere, surely".

The cost of the damage was estimated at about $200,000. The spokesperson did not say whether the damage was covered by insurance but said the gallery wasn't behind the emergence of the video.

As part of the exhibition, Birch also displayed footage of him destroying one of his sportscars, a $50,000 Ferrari 308.

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The art installation was created by British artist Simon Birch, along with a crew of global collaborators, to create a Stanley Kubrick-inspired, Instagram-friendly atmosphere.

In any case, it looks like the show is still up and running through the end of July.

"Resources, however, were clearly not spent on properly securing the displays". Keep in mind that art is generally worth what people will pay for it, but I guess that's true with many things.