Doctor Who: New actor to be revealed after Wimbledon


Capaldi, who replaced Matt Smith in the role in 2013, will relinquish the role after this year's Christmas special.

The 60-second clip shows the number 13 in a number of iconic locations across Britain including Downing Street and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Great Gallifrey's Ghost! The BBC announced that the actor who will play the 13th Doctor will be revealed this Sunday, July 16, on BBC One, after the men's final match ends at Wimbledon. BBC will be announcing who will be taking Peter Capaldi's place as the Doctor after the Wimbledon men's final.

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What we know is that the Christmas Special will be first in-canon appearance by the new Doctor, and that this should serve as a rather-perfect springboard towards everything that could be coming up the rest of the way with season 11. "Broadchurch" star Jodie Whittaker has also been given good odds. Particularly with the Master, the Doctor's arch-enemy, turning into a woman named Missy several seasons ago. Many fans would love to see this since "Broadchurch" stars former Doctor David Tennant, and former showrunner Chris Chibnall is becoming the new "Who" showrunner. Close behind is Kris Marshall, who was favored to land the role earlier this year.

Number thirteen: unlucky for some - but lucky for "Doctor Who" fans, who will meet the thirteenth Doctor on Sunday. He is also one of the older faces for the BT adverts.

Whatever your choice of Time Lord catchphrase, Whovians rejoice - the thirteenth Doctor will be revealed in just two days time!