Dileep's police custody extended till Saturday evening


Earlier this week, actor Dileep was arrested in connection with Malayalam actress abduction and assault case.

The court accepted a request by the police and extended the actor's custody till Saturday 5 p.m.

According to police, the conspiracy was hatched at a meeting between Dileep and Suni in the actor's vehicle, but his lawyer argued there was no evidence on that.

He was taken to the eighth floor of the hotel to the room he had stayed. The police had to fearless a big crowd outside the hotel. The police took his statement inside the van. The team stayed at the club for almost 40 minutes before they left for Aluva at 12.30 p.m. AIYF workers took out a protest march against the actor to the tennis club.

Dileep' s counsel said that the police appear to be groping in the dark and playing hide and seek after arresting a respectable and well-known person as accused without substantial evidence.

The questioning of Kavya and Shyamala was expected as some crucial evidence related to the case were seized by the police during a raid at Lakshya, a boutique, which is ran by Kavya.

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A few pictures are also with the police about the places where Dileep and Suni had met. In a statement to the media, the actress said that she had a good working relationship with Dileep that had turned sour due to personal reasons. The case has been handed over to the CBI.

Many have pointed out that a Kerala version of "Being Human" campaign is now underway to create a sympathy wave in favour of Dileep just like how it was done for Salman Khan after the hit and run case against him.

Dileep's real estate and land-related deals have now come under the scanner.

The actor's brother Anoop has alleged that Dileep is being hounded and claimed he will come out unscathed in the case.

Meanwhile, the court will consider Chacko's anticipatory bail on Tuesday.