Close Call! 150 Grams Of PETN Explosive Found In UP Assembly


Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath called for a federal investigation on Friday into explosives found inside the state assembly two days ago and ordered tightening of security arrangements. An emergency meeting has been called to discuss about the recovered plastic explosive.

When the powder was found, UP CM Yogi Adityanath was present in the assembly.

A "suspicious explosive substance" was discovered inside the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, triggering a scare and inviting sharp criticism from the opposition over security. Even catch dogs, x-ray machines and metal detectors cannot identify a "low-pressure wapper" explosive like PETN. He addressed the house that National Investigation Agency (NIA) should look into the matter. On Friday, minutes after the assembly session started, Adityanath said, "A odd situation has emerged".

Personnel of the Provincial Armed Constabulary will be deployed for the security of the assembly and secretariat.

The House then passed a resolution recommending an NIA probe into it.

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While making these suggestions, Adityanath urged the Speaker to beef up the security of the House.

PETN was first prepared and patented in 1894 by explosives manufacturer Rheinisch-Westfalische Sprengstoff and it was used by the German military in the First World War.

Adityanath also said that this incident could be in connivance with a terrorist or militant group and that the security of the state and the country is paramount. "All the employees would go for police verification while the parking of the vehicles of the MLAs would not be done at Lok Bhavan", he said.

However, ADG Anand Kumar said it would be too early to link Ahmed with the recovery of the explosive from the Assembly.

Stable PETN needs heat or shockwave to detonate. PETN can be mixed with other chemicals to form Semtex. Even if it is a conspiracy to defame the Yogi govt, it is clear that the person who came in the house with a high-quality explosive like PETN have connections with some terrorist organisation.