All India Bakchod lands in legal soup after insulting PM Modi


The PM Modi look-alike's photo was widely circulated on the internet before the AIB made a jocular meme on it.

Bhatt's two-part post on Thursday shows a lookalike of Modi at a railway station, and then a selfie of the PM with the Snapchat dog filter superimposed on it and accompanied by the hashtag wanderlust.

The announcement of the investigation was widely discussed on social media on Friday, with some women contrasting the authorities' swift action against the tweet with the apathy they claim often greets complaints of sexual harassment and trolling.

AIB later removed the tweet later.

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This is not the first time AIB has landed in controversy. The meme, seen as a dig at PM Modi's foreign tours, provoked strong reactions. They posted the doppelganger's photo alongside that of Modi's face with the Snapchat dog filter, leaving his supporters irked.

All India Bakchod Team has around 5.6 M followers on Twiter.

The FIR was filed against Tanmay Bhat, a co-founder of the comedy troupe All India Bakchod. Cyber cell of the Mumbai police filed an FIR against the group which read "publishing and transmitting material which is lascivious or appeal to the prurient interest or if its effect is such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons". The controversy didn't seem to die down.

Free speech advocates allege that there is a growing climate of intolerance under Hindu nationalist leader Modi, with online trolls feeling empowered to target social media users who express different points of view from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. The police forwarded his tweet to the cyber police station, which registered an FIR. Moreover, after deleting tweet also AIB team getting tweets from the Trollers over the fearing of BJP Politics.