Nintendo announces end of New 3DS console production


Nintendo will not produce the last of its compact flip-top, stereoscopic 3D portables in Japan anymore.

The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL remain available outside of Japan.

As seen on the official Japanese website, it says "all production ended".

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That being said, it's not that surprising to see that Nintendo has made a decision to end the production of the Nintendo New 3DS.

The move now leaves the Japanese market without any standard-sized console that would support the system's 3D feature. The streamlined, clamshell iteration on the 2DS may not be as small as its New Nintendo 3DS predecessor, but it's absolutely meant as the inheritor of the cheaper, comfortable version the 3DS hardware line-up. Keeping the New 3DS on the market as well could just leave the market far too saturated for Nintendo's liking. The XL version of the console is here to stay. Even though it was smaller in stature people preferred it because of the customization aspect, but it looks like it's being phased out - at least in Japan. Still, it'll be a shame to see the smaller form factor go.