Health care fraud arrests include some in Michigan, Indiana


The criminal investigations in IN involved cooperation among the state, the Kentucky Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, the FBI, DEA and IRS. Fifteen individuals and two companies were indicted on various charges, including health care fraud, money laundering and distributing controlled substances without legitimate medical purposes. According to the indictment, the three people "fraudulently received more than $3 million from the Ohio Department of Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) through multiple schemes including billing for compound creams that were not provided or not requested by patients, billing for counseling services that were not provided or billing for group counseling sessions as individual counseling services".

The fraud uncovered in IN include transportation billing for trips that never happened, money laundering, and illegal opioid prescribing.

The Dahdahs are charged with conspiracy to commit health care fraud and health care fraud, crimes punishable by up to ten years in prison, and health care false statements, a crime which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Another Indianapolis-area chiropractor has been indicted on charges of directing people to use certain compounding pharmacies in exchange for kickbacks.

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Kuhn said this was part of a joint effort with the FBI, DEA, Department of Health and Human Services, state attorney general offices and local law enforcement working together to investigate these claims of health care fraud that officials say drove up healthcare costs for taxpayers and hurt patients. The total loss to the Indiana Medicaid program has yet to be determined.

The alleged actions of two employees at Sunshine Transportation - located about 10 miles east of Kokomo, Indiana - led to an investigation that revealed an estimated loss of almost $449,000 to the Indiana Medicaid program. The accused are: Physicians Primary Care PLLC; Jeffrey Campbell, MD; Mark Dyer, RN/APN; and Dawn Antle, RN/APN.

In 2016, the dedicated work of the office's MFCU led to 47 convictions and the recovery of almost $37 million in taxpayer funds.