Facebook launches Messenger Lite in India


From today onwards, the app will be available on Google Play.

One thing you might notice is that Messenger Lite app uses the same bolt logo as Messenger, but with colors reversed.

In its bid to connect people in markets where mobile internet connections are slow, Facebook on Thursday rolled out the "lite" version of its Messenger app in India. With Facebook increasingly expanding Messenger app to bring you new features, and extensions, the company has received heat from many users who believe that the company is compromising their experience.

Facebook announced that they plan to embellish Messenger's home screen with ads globally, as they're out of space on the Facebook app. Messenger's home screen's main functionality is being an inbox for the most recent discussions. It also contains texts, photos, and links to emojis and stickers. Users would need to be able to use the app to manage groups.

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Facebook's Newsfeed and Instagram are already cluttered with ads, but an intrusion of ads into Messenger devalues a product which is built around quick and easy communication.

With the growing popularity of Voice calls over data, Facebook has retained the voice calling feature in the Messenger Lite along with the "active now" indicator that lets your Facebook contacts know that you are online.

Alongside the announcement of launching the Messenger Lite in India, Facebook also announced that it would be rolling out advertisements to its Messenger app. But for sending money to friends users have to switch to marquee Messenger app. For budget Android phone users this version is very popular.