Chrome OS launcher menu redesign should give touchscreen users solace


As discovered by Engadget and is rolling out to users in the Canary channel, there's a new touch-friendly interface that makes a lot more sense for those with touch-enabled Chromebooks such as the new Chromebook Pro.

Even previous updates had not stopped OEMs from releasing their own touch-based inputs atop Chrome OS, but as a result, that would have set the playing field for the advent of the new update. Sliding up from there you'll see a Pixel Launcher-esque overview of all of the apps installed on your machine. And since you'll be using touch so much, it's about time Google redesigned its operating system for it. If you're one of those people that's interested in the code behind new builds, you can find that here. The new version seems to smoosh the app launcher window onto the bottom of the screen when you tap the Apps button rather than popping it up in a new window.

Now that Android apps are coming to Chrome OS in full force, there's no reason not to get a touch-enabled Chromebook.

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As Chrome OS continues to evolve, Google continues to adjust what it offers in terms of features and the UI.

By tapping on the new launcher button, users will now get information about recently used applications and it will also easier access to the search bar.

The app launcher has always been there on the Chrome OS, but it never worked smoothly for the tablet mode. That means you can try out this redesign if you want to; but if you use your Chromebook as your main computer, it'd be a very good idea to hold off and wait for Google to polish up both this feature's implementation and its code. Then type the following command: update_engine_client -channel=canary-channel -update, and press return again.