Xbox One X will not generate profits for Microsoft


During an interview with Business Insider, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox division, gave a simple "no" when the media asked if sales of Xbox One X will generate profits for Microsoft.

The controller is compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One X. It is now unknown if it will be compatible with PC upon release.

It's nothing new for the console business, to be certain. The ones for the Windows 10 are in fact Xbox Play Anywhere games.

Definitely, the Xbox One X is going to offer more power than the PS4 Pro.

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At $500, Microsoft's new Xbox One X console is pricey for a game machine. This is pretty much true of all technology, but what we're seeing Microsoft do is try to keep some of its older stuff alive through backwards compatibility, where the Xbox One is capable of playing games from the Xbox 360 and also the original Xbox.

If that's the case, why buy the Xbox One X at all? Xbox 360 backward compatibility library now have close to 400 games, and it is getting bigger and better with each passing month. That included the likes of Forza 7, Metro Exodus, and Anthem, a new Destiny-like sci-fi shooter from Bioware and EA.

I don't think it's good for our industry if we got into a point where people are holding back the technical innovation of game developers based on a marketing deal. He also said that he was spending a lot of time on Microsoft's first-party games, and that they've already "signed some things" that they haven't announced yet. So, in terms of the hardware inside the console, you're getting your money's worth, especially if you consider you're benefitting from Microsoft's negotiating clout with the suppliers who provide the parts for the Xbox One X. "People want to know what the roadmap in the future looks like, and that's my job to deliver it to them".