Uber board votes to adopt report about toxic behaviour at firm


Now, the board of directors has to make a decision on how to responsibly manage the structure of a company that's privately valued at nearly $70 billion.

It is possible Mr Kalanick could be forced to take a leave of absence or have his role altered.

The board of Uber was meeting Sunday to consider placing the CEO of the ride-hailing company on leave, according The New York Times and other news outlets. Kalanick lost his temper earlier this year in an argument with an Uber driver who was complaining about pay, and Kalanick's profanity-laced comments were caught on video. With accusations that Uber ignored complaints of sexual harassment and misbehaviour, the company has become the focal point of a far-reaching report into gender disparity in Silicon Valley. The recommendations he's made as a result, which will not be made public until Tuesday, are expected by people close to the company to not only be wide-ranging cultural reforms, but may also include personnel recommendations. The company is locked in a legal battle with Waymo over self-driving auto tech and faces a high profile investigation into sexual harassment, along with numerous other smaller scandals and controversies. In 2014 Michael reportedly suggested at a private dinner in NY that Uber should dig up dirt on journalists that criticize the company, which of course sparked outrage from journalists. In recent months, Uber has fired more than 20 employees for violations which included sexual harassment and discrimination.

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It isn't clear what the details of Holder's report will contain or what actions the Uber board might take today, but the moment is shaping up as a critical one for Uber's future. J. William Gurley and David Bonderman, two independent board members, are said to already be anxious about Kalanick's management.

The event that sparked the investigation into the company occurred back in February when former Uber engineer Susan Fowler claimed that she was harassed by her boss on a number of occasions.

The board debated for seven hours on Sunday at the Los Angeles offices of Covington & Burling, Holder's law firm. While the CEO himself initially told individuals he may need a break following the death of his mother in a boat accident that also sent his father to the hospital, this move could destabilise Uber's leadership hierarchy.