Trump lashes out at Democrats after Georgia win


"You see these commercials that tie these candidates to Leader Pelosi week in and week out in the past several months. They are not talking, frankly, what's on cable news at night". NBC was the only network in the Big Three to give the blaming serious consideration. "Personally I think it's time for a new generation of leadership in the party".

Ryan told NPR on Wednesday that the ads that Republican groups ran harnessing Pelosi's unpopularity with their GOP base voters were clearly effective.

But at her weekly press conference, Pelosi shrugged of concerns that she was dragging down the party. Since Pelosi is so disliked among rank-and-file Republicans, that linkage succeeded in rallying GOP voters and helping Handel prevail. There is a lot of soul searching going on here in Washington today. He wrote, "I don't make this statement lightly - I've never said it before". This is a win.

But, alas, they again failed. "The latest in a string of defeats", declared Anchor Lester Holt at the start of the segment. Such comments about Pelosi were highlighted by Republicans on Thursday in an attempt to illustrate a divided Democratic caucus.

Ryan, writing for the online portal Medium, said Democrats Archie Parnell (S.C.) and Jon Ossoff (Ga.) "were good candidates who ran solid campaigns..." The ads Handel was running were effectively "undercutting Ossoff's message of change", Welker explained.

Pelosi's leadership seat is likely safe for now, but if Democrats fail to win back the House in 2018, she will also fail to remain caucus leader. Consider this: A third of Democrats in Congress come from just three states - California, Massachusetts and NY.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California says in a letter to colleagues Wednesday that when President Donald Trump nominated House members to serve in his administration, he chose them from Republican districts the party knew it could win. Democrats only have 11 for 2018, far short of the 24 they need to flip the House.

One could certainly argue that instead of letting GOP demonization of their party leaders drive their decision-making, Democrats should stick with Pelosi.

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Many Democrats are calling for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step down from her leadership role after a bruising - and expensive - House race loss in Georgia's 6th District.

Pelosi, 77, has led the House Democratic caucus for almost 15 years, from the minority into the majority and back again.

Even more important is that this was just one race, an awfully small sample size for producing huge results. The Democratic Party seems to be in disarray especially after the disastrous elections that many had expected to expose Trump's weaknesses, however, it did quite the opposite. The President now 4-0.

Tea Party Express chief strategist Sal Russo thinks the Democrats' agenda is the problem.

MUIR: Okay, Cecilia Vega live from the White House.

I can't remember the last time I heard Democrats beating themselves up this intensely and openly. Being the most expensive House election in U.S. history, especially for Democrats, it was more painful for them.

"The issue I think strategically is that Trump energizes their base and Leader Pelosi energizes their base", said Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who was unsuccessful a year ago in trying to unseat Pelosi.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is under the most immediate pressure, with critics citing the widespread use of her name and image as a bogeyman to spur Republican voters to the polls, particularly in Georgia, but also in Montana and the other two states. Still, Republicans may have their own reasons to worry. "We need to move forward and we need to get a new leadership team in place, '" Rice said.