Senate panel seeks details on Lynch role in Clinton probe


Prior to that, on April 22, 2017 the New York Times had reported the Federal Bureau of Investigation obtained an email in which then-chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed Lynch had been in private communication with Clinton campaign staffer Amanda Renteria. The letters ask about an email reportedly recovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation which some news reports have suggested might have been created by Russian Federation.

A bipartisan group of Senate Judiciary Committee members sent a letter to former Attorney Loretta Lynch Friday seeking to confirm if she attempted to stifle the FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton email probe.

The letters that went out to Lynch and Bernardo, Open Society Foundations' General Counsel Gail Scovell and Renteria, the committee members wanted details about reported communications, copies of any related documents and to know whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation contacted them to investigate the alleged communication.

In the latest letters, the senators sought information that might determine the veracity of media reports suggesting Lynch may have offered assurances to the Clinton campaign about the probe.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa and other lawmakers are seeking details about communications in which Lynch reportedly assured Democratic operatives that she would keep the FBI's Clinton investigation from "going too far". Comey's extraordinary action to announce the end of the investigation was a break from Justice Department protocol, and was later cited as justification for his removal from the FBI.

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The document, however, was believed to be bad intelligence, according to the Post. And Debbie Wasserman Schultz denies having recounted any such conversation in an email.

The senators also refer to concerns stemming from Comey's testimony about being uncomfortable with Lynch's tarmac meeting last summer with Bill Clinton.

"At one point, [Lynch] directed me not to call it an "investigation" but instead to call it a 'matter, ' which confused me and concerned me", Mr. Comey said.

The group is seeking details about Lynch's communication with a Clinton campaign aide, Amanda Renteria, as well as copies of documents and information about whether the FBI investigated the alleged communication.