Google can now help you find a job in your area


"People from all walks of life, experiences and backgrounds have undergone a job hunt at some point in their lives", said Google.

Google for Jobs was detailed in a blog post this week that explains how the feature works. I mean, it lists everything by combining search results from all the job search websites and job openings posted to company websites.

Once you enter your search, you can turn on job alerts, which will send you email to your Gmail account instantly when a job is posted or daily and weekly reports. Google is now looking to join the ranks of Monster, LinkedIn and other job websites by letting users search for jobs on their platform.

Trying their best to make your job seeking experience convenient and less taxing, the search giant has also introduced a number of filters that provides and in-depth detail about a particular opening. For some jobs, the search results will also include pertinent information such as the estimated commute time from users' home addresses.

The basic idea behind the development of this job search engine is to help users find jobs easily without having to go to multiple job-searching websites.

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In theory, that should help make Google a one-stop shop that allows a user to conduct broad searches from a single query. There is likely some tension pulling and listing content from sites that monetize that very same content, so keeping certain important pieces of information behind a click-through could be about helping to prevent a legal fight.

The Google technology competes directly with Indeed, which also aggregates job searches across multiple sites, noted Michael Jude, a research manager at Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan. Google's machine learning-trained algorithms sift through listings to remove all of the duplicates and categorize the results.

If you're unemployed, you know fully well that there are hundreds of online job boards that post up job postings from employers. Job seekers will also be able to filter based on industry, see company ratings, and get personalized job notifications.

The main objective of this feature is to allow those in need of a job to more easily see available jobs.