Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Salary Is Alarmingly Low


The couple also has two adorable daughters together: Alma, 5, and Maya, three months-Gal has since revealed she was five months pregnant with Maya when she did reshoots for Wonder Woman.

A source told TMZ that Gadot - who appears alongside Chris Pine and Robin Wright in the superhero adventure - will receive multiple times worth her base rate, although the final figure has yet to be unveiled.

It was an ending that brought tears to my own eyes as I watched Diana, both blessed and cursed with immortality, realize that she will mourn Trevor literally forever as she takes on the noble but never-ending task of rescuing mortals from their own appalling pickles.

Wonder Woman's superb credits, all in animated pictures, are not just for us!

Nevertheless, "Wonder Woman" is a wonderful film that serves as an important milestone for current superhero films. She brushes past some contrasts between her style and what was expected of women in WWI-era England, but does not make a meal of the fish-out of-water potential.

Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, has so far grossed $600 million and continues to draw audiences.

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At a time when many like to observe the shortage of female directors, 2017 - this summer in particular - boasts much glass ceiling breaking. Not counting for inflation. "Mamma Mia!" earned $609.8 million worldwide. Their orderly life is disrupted by a handsome wounded Union soldier who seeks refuge at the school and sows discord and jealousy among the women.

The most anticipated Wonder Woman 2 is speculated to happen soon. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 still holds about $50 million over Wonder Woman's domestic total.

If you want to cause a fuss about the Star Wars brand, then let's look at other DC films.

The filmmaker explained in an interview with Cinema Blend that while she's definitely all for other movies pushing the boundaries with an R rating, it just would not work with the narrative planned for Wonder Woman. As of 2016, the Forbes India Celebrity List informs that Salman Khan has the highest earnings (at Rs 270.33 crore) whereas Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, the only women in the top 10, earn less than half of what Salman does.

"But that was before the DCEU", you say. And rightfully so. After 70 some years, the Amazon Warrior Princess is finally getting the limelight she deserves out of the shadows of Batman and Superman. Domestically, it pulled $330 million, which ain't bad.