Warriors Green makes fun of Cavaliers


On July 4th of a year ago, Kevin Durant sent shock-waves through the sports world when he announced he'd joining the Golden State Warriors.

For Kevin Durant, it was vindication that he was right to jump ship from Oklahoma City and join the rival Warriors, although he will still be widely criticised for it. With Durant in their ranks, they could not be stopped. Now that he's back in Cleveland, they have gone to the Finals three times in a row. Only Jordan's Bulls team in the mid-1990s is spoken of in the same tones.

If the GSW plan is to keep the four together for another four years, which could mean that the Warriors will enjoy the guarantee of at least Finals appearance in the same number of years, then team management will need to write the check. Unless, of course, another team manages to acquire another high-profile talent to add to their roster. That's where Paul George comes in. The result? Cleveland missing out on a budding stud in Wiggins, who carries an infinitely cheaper contract than Love.

As an aside, Las Vegas favored the Golden State Warriors by nine points over the Cavaliers in the decisive Game 5. It could well be the most mouth-watering clash in sports next year. It's like paying to watch a movie while already knowing how it ends. Kevin Durant's Net Rating on the court was 16.0, which fell to 9.0 when he rode the pine.

Golden State has been absolutely dominant since Steve Kerr became head coach - just as the Pats have been a dynasty under Bill Belichick - winning two championships in three years and getting to the Finals in each of his three seasons on the bench. It had a big capital "Q" on it - signifying the logo of Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena - which spelled out the word 'Quickie, ' in reference to their five-game ousting of the Cavaliers. Star center Rudy Gobert averaged a double-double with 14 points and 12.8 rebounds per game, while George Hill, Rodney Hood and Derrick Favors all chipped in to give Utah a 51-31 season. So, sorry I went on a little rant, but that's how I feel about the team. He was dead right!

However, Golden State possesses two of the top five players in the game in Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, along with stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. I have been at pains to tell people that these match-ups are overrated. The game doesn't follow that kind of static routine because players are moving around all the time. "So you don't know what's going to happen".

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The reigning two-time MVP reiterated Wednesday that he stands by his previous comments in response to the hypothetical question about whether he would visit the Trump White House if the Warriors were to win a championship.

They are called the Golden State Warriors, but they don't belong to all of California. Mills, 28, says the NBA's new benchmark team deserve a lot of credit for their record-breaking campaign. On Thursday, he finally got the chance to respond. Perhaps not coincidentally, those teams won the Super Bowl and the World Series, respectively.

The champagne corks are still being popped following the Golden State Warriors second National Basketball Association title following their 4-1 Finals victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The outspoken Warrior forward showed up in a shirt trolling the Cavaliers. Is Serena bad for tennis? And if you're willing to accept the sentiments of eight-year National Basketball Association vet and current TV color man Jim Barnett, one of the great teams ever. It tends to lift the standard of competition.

On paper, the Warriors appeared unsafe and capable of outscoring any team ever put together. Both teams will be coming hard. To many, his ring is "tainted" or something because of the fact that he had to form a superteam to get it, but Durant probably doesn't care, largely because he doesn't consider Golden State a superteam. I, for one, can't wait. Next year could be the fourth straight final.