Republicans, Democrats Play Ball for 'Team Scalise'


But Trump went on to say that "Because of him and the tremendous pain and suffering he's now enduring - and he's having a hard time, far worse than anybody thought - our country will perhaps become closer, more unified, so important". Democrats were on a winning streak for several years before the Republicans won the last game in a squeaker, 8-7.

After accepting it gracefully, Mr Barton cracked: "Next year we won't be so nice". Congressional aide Zack Barth, Tysons Food lobbyist Matt Mika and Capitol Police Officer David Bailey were also shot in the attack, but have since been released from the hospital. "ONE FAMILY", proclaimed a sign in the crowd.

Steve Scalise, the third-ranking House Republican shot Wednesday on a Virginia baseball field outside Washington, remains in critical condition but has a chance for an "excellent recovery", the chief trauma doctor at a Washington hospital said Friday.

"My dear friend Steve Scalise took a bullet for all of us", Trump said.

It's a visible reminder of the attack that's bridged political parties, even as the game goes on. The players came together to support him.

Republican Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee scored in the first innings, enjoying a different sort of adrenaline than the one he experienced on Wednesday when he passed the gunman over bloodied ground to take shelter in a dugout. Two lawmakers who were leaving practice when they encountered Hodgkinson before the shooting believe he was targeting Republicans.

"They saved a lot of lives", the president said. "That was humbling in a way".

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Trump, who visited Scalise at the hospital on Wednesday, said the congressman was "in some trouble but he's going to be okay, we hope". "We love you." Lewis led a House floor Democratic sit-in previous year when Republicans refused to consider gun control legislation.

There was plenty of amateur-hour baseball in the event, but also some breakout play.

Still, finger-pointing lingered as some on each side suggested the other had contributed more to the disparaging broadsides they've increasingly aimed at each other. Democrats opened an 11-2 lead in the fifth inning on the strength of his pitching, and by then he had scored every time he was up.

Less than 48 hours after five people were shot at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park as the Republican players practiced, nearly 25,000 people showed up to the annual charity baseball game where security was tighter than normal. There were reports of death threats being called in to congressional Democrats and Republicans alike. Still, the divide was good-natured, for once. The event has always been a chance for Democrats and Republicans to put partisan politics aside for one night - but especially so on Thursday.

Scalise, the No. 3 House Republican, arrived at the hospital via helicopter in shock, with intense internal bleeding, Sava said.

LSU officials say the university sent t-shirts, hats, towels, and other items for congressional members to wear for the game to show support for Scalise.

Tickets are still for sale and will raise money for local charities, including the Washington Boys and Girls Club, the Literacy Center and the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation. Just less than 25,000 people attended Nationals Park to watch the annual ritual.