Patty Jenkins Isn't Signed For Wonder Woman 2 Yet


Wonder Woman's huge opening, the biggest for a film directed by a female, has already sparked talk of a sequel, although Patty Jenkins has yet to officially sign on. Wonder Woman possesses typical feminine emotional qualities like empathy, but she also flips tanks and liberates villages that whole armies of World War One soliders couldn't save. Not to mention Wonder Woman 2 is going to be set in the present day so it will be hard for them to bring him back even if the character survived. The contract issues have been in the news recently for many reported that Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) was signed for multiple movies but after the fate of his character was revealed in Wonder Woman, fans are confused by what it means next. But the reason for the tears is actually handsome.

Over the weekend, Jenn and I joined a group of friends in seeing an opening night screening of Wonder Woman.

Summary: Before she was Wonder Woman she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior.

It's not a stretch to start hoping for more Wonder Woman movies, especially since the DC Multiverse is just starting to get its footing, as the upcoming Aquaman and movies are definitely highly anticipated. Jenkins had teased in an interview that "The story will take place in the United States, which I think is right", she continued, "She's Wonder Woman".

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Some of you may remember that I used to do movie reviews for our sister publication, Let's Go. Women are exhausted of sex and want to see men get their ass kicked is my analysis.

I'm happy to say that, on both counts, the naysayers were so very, very wrong.

Although Jenkins said she felt no obligation to return to the franchise as the director for the sequel, she would love to be involved in the "beautiful story". She wrote, "Ok people, I just left the theater and KNOW for CERTAIN that the GODS have seen fit to BLESS us with #WONDERWOMAN. W.O.W. It's a lovely story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love", the director explained.