Boxer who was in critical condition after fight is dead, family says


We will miss him so greatly. Hague was dropped numerous times during the fight, but the bout was not stopped until he was completely knocked out unconscious.

Hague remained down on the canvas for several minutes after the knockout before he was taken to a local Edmonton hospital for treatment when he reportedly went into a coma while doctors attempted to save his life.

His last fight in boxing resulted in a knockout in December.

Although he did manage to get to his feet and walk out of the ring, he fell seriously ill backstage and was taken to the Royal Alexandra hospital in Edmonton. Jackie Neil, identified as Hague's sister, told Sportsnet via email that her brother was in critical condition.

Alarmingly, earlier this year Hague was also competing in what's known as "superboxing" bouts - essentially boxing with MMA gloves, and was known to have been KO'd in just 40 seconds as recently as April 7th.

The 34-year-old Hague fought in MMA for 10 years before turning to boxing.

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Another source close to the fighter revealed that he was brain dead.'s Mike Russell reported on Saturday afternoon that Hague's condition had turned dire and that the fighter was declared brain dead. A surgery was performed to relieve the pressure enveloping his brain.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Tim and his family", Reid said at the conclusion of the statement.

Hague's family has asked for privacy.

Hague previously fought as mixed martial artist with the UFC, compiling a 21-13 record.

His first UFC fight came in May 2009 at UFC 98 - a submission win over Pat Barry in the first round.