US Senate's Iran sanctions are breach of nuclear deal - senior Iranian official


"The approval of the recent US Senate's sanctions against Iran is undoubtedly in violation of the JCPOA and at odds with its spirit and text", he said.

"The passing of new sanctions is in line with the intrinsic animosity of USA toward Iran", said Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesperson of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday.

"While the Iran nuclear agreement was sold to the American people with the promise that Tehran would moderate its behavior, the Islamic Republic continues to work to consolidate power and export bloodshed", CUFI said in a statement.

A bipartisan bill imposing new sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program and its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps overwhelmingly passed the Senate by a margin of 98-2 on Thursday.

The House of Representatives has not yet considered this legislation or drafted a similar bill.

The United States and its regional ally Saudi Arabia accuse Iran of subverting regional security.

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"The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran will bravely defend the security and interests of their own country and such measures will not create the slightest disturbance in this path", Qassemi pointed out.

UNSC Resolution 2231 calls on Iran "not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles created to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons".

"It's a much more powerful sanctions measure than merely just designating Iranian entities that are involved in missile development", Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the nonpartisan think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told CBS News.

"It would also commit the USA secretary of state to identify individuals responsible for certain human rights abuses within Iran and authorize, but not require, the U.S. president to slap financial sanctions and a travel ban against those designated for human rights abuses".

He emphasized that Iran closely examines the content and ratification process of the bill and said the Iranian committee tasked with monitoring the JCPOA implementation would resolutely adopt proportionate and reciprocal measures to fulfill the country's national interests. However, the Senate bill also contains provisions cementing into law existing sanctions on Russian Federation - a move the administration has cautioned against.