Alt-Right Protesters Stop Trump-ish 'Julius Caesar' Play


A woman has been arrested after storming the stage at a USA production of Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar and yelling, "Do you want Trump to be assassinated?" when a character that resembled the U.S. president was killed off.

We were protesting what we saw was the normalization of violence.

By Saturday morning Loomer was out of jail and back on Twitter.

The production paused briefly for the protest.

The performance was further disrupted by Jack Posobiec, a right-wing commentator linked to various conspiracies theories. You are all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels!

The Public Theater, which is staging the play in Central Park, has responded to the criticism by saying the production is valid artistic expression in keeping with a long tradition of William Shakespeare adaptations. Goebbels was a close adviser to Adolf Hitler during the latter's leadership of Nazi Germany.

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Loomer, 24, eventually was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct after she refused to leave the area. The play is a free Public Theater performance running until Sunday. The theater's art director, Oskar Eustis, chose to adapt the play into a modern setting, with the protagonist wearing a large red tie and blond wig in the style of President Trump.

Basically, this specific production shows Julius Caesar as a Trump-like figure.

This Manhattan Central Park crowd was on their feet cheering - they were cheering as an actor dressed as the president was stabbed to death. "This is violence against Donald Trump!". Angry Trump supporters even convinced Bank of America and Delta Air Lines to pull their sponsorship of the program.

"We stopped the show for less than a minute and our stage manager handled it beautifully", he said, in part, via The Daily Beast.

The nonprofit Public Theater noted that like its critics, it also has the right of free speech under the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Loomer wouldn't leave the premises, however, and continued shouting, "You guys are just as bad as ISIS", "the blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!" and "Because of liberal violence like this, a congressman this week was shot in Virginia". From Kathy Griffin's grotesque photo shoot with what looked like the blood-soaked, decapitated head of President Donald Trump, to Madonna's speech in Washington saying she had "thought an bad lot about blowing up the White House", the left has abandoned democratic norms and embraced fascist political violence.