Microsoft announces Xbox One X as 'world's most powerful console'


Last Sunday, Xbox head Phil Spencer finally delivered one of the most anticipated presentations of E3 2017, and so far it seems that most of the comments have been positive.

Project Scorpio's final name is out and it is Xbox One X, it was uncovered today at Xbox's E3 event.

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that Microsoft has ever built.

Xbox One X specsIn addition, the new Xbox game console is backwards compatible, enabling the user to play older games as well.

So I highly doubt people will try very hard to get their hands on a $499 console that offers better processing power and visuals over a $249 and even cheaper equivalent that has all the same features and games in nearly unrecognizably different quality. It's going to be there at launch day for Xbox One X, which will be a great showcase for the box.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Spencer was asked whether he is anxious about the Xbox One X costing $100 (£78) more than the PS4 Pro.

Nintendo's recently-launchedTwitch, has won over fans by allowing them to snap up the console and a "Legend of Zelda" game that has become a popular must-play title amongst fans.

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Much like Sony's release of the PS4 Pro, Microsoft's Xbox One X is an upgrade to their most popular game console, the Xbox One.

Microsoft just revealed its new Xbox console, and it will be slightly more affordable in Canada than in the U.S. But the retail price is still higher than similar products from its competitors. Microsoft announced during its press conference yesterday that many existing titles will receive free 4K updates for the Xbox One X.

Nevertheless, while 4K might be the attraction for Xbox One X, chances are the device might not work out as the company has indicated.

Xbox One X will be available in stores worldwide from November 7th onwards.

While the Xbox One X certainly appears to be an exceptional console, very possibly even the best ever, it remains to be seen how well it sells, and the games coming to the console will be a big factor here.

Microsoft is taking the next-gen console to the next level by promising a machine that is more powerful than the Playstation 4 Pro, and "super sampling" for better 1080p performance.